Youth Extravaganza



Awaken Your Hearts Event Presents:

Youth Empowerment Extravaganza


June 13, 2015

Noon to 6:00 p.m.

Ogden Courtyard

247 24th Street


All Age Groups Welcome

Entertainment - Workshops - Hands On

$15 Fee for an all inclusive experience

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This is a space for youth to come together and share new experiences that will increase vibrations and create new light and energy in their lives. Some may find a way to heal or dream or discover their intuitive gifts.



 Dream Boxes and Fairy Houses by Fairy Grandmother Peggy Frost

Love Wall, Letting Go Box, Music Interaction, Drum Circle, Custom Stamp Pendant by Galleons Gold



 Crystal Harp, Tuning Forks, Crystal Grid Layouts, Intuitive Readings,

Reiki Sessions



12:00- The "VOICE" Contestant Kaitlynne Jones

12:30- The Miracle in Creating Joy; Protecting and Grounding Techniques to Empower by Crystal Walker

1:00- Musical Manifestation; Manifesting Your Dreams Through Music by Richard Webb

1:30- Being a Young Empath by Arissa Price

2:00- Riley James and Spencer Bawden: Song Writers, Performers in Griffin Band and Musicians

2:30- Emergent Youth Project (EYP) Activating Your Highest Potential, Empowering Yourself Today by Nick Mann

3:00- MPUSA Demonstration

3:30- Finding light in the darkness of trauma and Near death experience by Audy Wayman

4:00- Creation of Your Future and How to Get There by Patricia Wilkinson

4:30- Drumming Circle