Daryl Shaun Price

ExclusiveDaryl Shawn Price Concert; Daryl Shaun Price is a prolific singer/songwriter with a knack for profound and emotional lyrics. He has a style of music that feels familiar and inviting, yet a sound that is unique to who he is. Daryl performs with several groups and is the back bone of each, bringing his originals to the table and creating exciting new music that you will want to hear over and over again. Shawn Mullins, Blues Traveler, Crash Test Dummies, and a myriad of Celtic artists are all major influences on his music. Combining intense strumming with intoxicating finger picking, Daryl knows how to accompany his lyrics with an enchanting guitar sound that beckons you to keep listening. His lyrics touch the very essence of what it feels like to be human and takes listeners to memories of emotions that connect us all. Music is claimed to be the universal language and truly Daryl Shaun Price embodies this, putting his soul into his music in a way that connects him to the souls of every listener. Daryl’s music is an experience that will change you for the better.