AWAKEN YOUR HEARTS Transitional Therapies sponsors events to bring a natural way of living the the Ogden community. Health and Happiness is important to one’s lifestyle and success. Today’s society has standardized our options and limited our choices and does not take into consideration our spiritual, mental and individual needs. Our needs have been sacrificed for the perception of broader ease and simplicity. People want options, solutions and alternatives that will help them achieve personal goals that lead them to wellness, peace and joy. Awaken Your Hearts Events offers a part of the solution by bringing together a community of like minded people to bring to awareness healthy options, solutions and alternatives through a diverse variety of informative participants that will offer Healthy, Wholesome, Helpful and Handmade elements to create Happy Hearts!

    You are invited to come and experience all that will be offered to DISCOVER your blocks and your hearts desires, to EMBRACE the journey you are on, and to continue feeling EMPOWERED by the gifts you will receive.


    Free Admission to the Public.


    Ogden Courtyard Marriott

    (Formerly Summit Hotel)

    247 24th Street, Ogden Utah

    Contact for more information: Crystal Walker